As a young girl, Thu (pronounced “Too”) loved to dress up.  This fascination lead her to a desire to sew! You see, she believed that this skill would give her the ability to create clothes that reflect her creativity.  By the age of eighteen, in her native Vietnam , Thu began learning to sewing. 

In 1985, Thu had the opportunity to enroll in the Florentia Institute, located in Modena, Italy. This would allow her to refine her skills, as well as obtain new knowledge from the world of fashion.  Thu earned her Certificate of Apparel Design and became a professional, specializing in design, pattern drafting and construction, on June 27 th , 1987.

In 1989, Thu began working for Pendleton Wool, where she continued to hone her skills and learn tricks of the trade with suits and blazers.  Working at Pendleton, Thu was able to see the importance of professionalism and what it meant to produce high quality apparel.

After working several years in the industry, Thu felt it was time to strike out on her own, giving the public the opportunity to see what she could do.  She combined her education, experiences and imagination and opened her very own store where she could show her creations and offer her services to the public.

THU FASHION & TAILORING opened on March 19 th , 1994.